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Change to AA status challenge?

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  • Change to AA status challenge?

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    Interesting. I suspect this is part of something bigger down the road, but that's just rampant speculation on my part. I've given some serious consideration to jumping back on the AA wagon full force, including a challenge. However, living where I live, I just don't see that I can justify it.... especially so considering that I think the odds are better than even that I find myself living in DC (again), DFW, or MIA in the next 3 years or so where I would find myself in real need of an AA status challenge.


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      At this point, numerous reports on FT that Sept 23rd, is, indeed the last day for elite status Challenge sign-up in it's current form.

      So, I consider it to be 100% certain at this point.


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        Well, last day for sign-up upon us, I'm sure ACS is dealing with a flood of sign-ups.

        Will be quite curious to see what program takes the place of the relative-unchanged-in-MANY- years AA elite status challenge -and- if the discontinuation yields any hints (most likely, retrospectively) about the direction of the AAdv elite status earning generally.

        My guess is that we see a more formalized, published and official (and therefore strictly limited to "each member, one time only") program.


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          This FTer reports that he signed up, but it was backdated to the 23rd: