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MD 80 Retirment

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  • MD 80 Retirment

    I was wondering if anyone has more insight or information into when the MD80 will be retired? There was a lot of news about it last year, but haven't heard anything lately.

    I just love flying them (I know, I know...) and want to be on that last flight (and a bunch of flights before then).

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    I tend to like the MD-80s as well. Quite comfortable and, especially up front, rather quiet. There was a time I was a bit burnt out on them, but as they quickly dwindle and are replaced by not-quite-as-comfortable aircraft in a number of cases, I find myself missing what we are losing.

    As far as a retirement, we're quickly moving in that direction but there's a little while to go still. AA is down to ~100 MD-80s (from a high of around 350) and dates such as 4Q17 and 1Q18 have been mentioned as the end date for the fleet, but nothing exact has been announced yet. Expect the fleet to keep shrinking between now and then, and travel through DFW for greatest odds of enjoying an MD-80.


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      Any further news on this? It seems like the Mad Dogs are less and less common these days.

      Any word on a final flight?