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Downgraded to PLT b/c only 3 flights in AA or codeshare.

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  • Downgraded to PLT b/c only 3 flights in AA or codeshare.

    I have been EP for over 10 years now. Last year (2016) I flew about 117K EQM but did not make EP. Puzzled, I contacted customer service through the website, and was told that "After review of your account, our records show for the 2016 activity year you flew 3 segments on American Airlines. While the requirement to fly 4 segments on American or American Eagle still applies for 2016 activity, this requirement has been removed effective Jan 1, 2017"

    Even though it is my bad, I am livid at the response which includes a customary "we value your loyalty". Any ideas who to contact at HQ so they may reconsider? (Feel free to PM me if preferred)
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    UPDATE. Lex dura lex sed lex (pedantic way of saying rules are rules) but out of respect for my "long term loyalty to AA", the request to disregard my mistake and make me EP I made through the web will be elevated to a manager who can make the decision. It will take "up to three weeks", so we will see. FWIW, I do not even fully use my VIPOWs, so I am not a very expensive customer...