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  • Expedia Price Guarantee & $50 coupon

    I have not seen a thread for hotel info where Expedia Price Guarantee (EPG) can be redeemed. I am not much into hotel programs and I find EPG a way to lower down my hotel stay for $50 per night. Can we start a thread for those who will be interested?

    Here's how to claim 3 $50 coupon per account per month:

    1. Make 3 separate bookings with different itinerary numbers at a hotel where Expedia charges more than others. Then call Expedia to file for EPG claim even if the difference is only $0.01! Once processed, three $50 coupons valid for 1 year will be deposited to your account right away, and are ready for immediate use.

    2. Once coupons are deposited, if you desire to stay at the same hotel, make a new reservation using a $50 per night. Else, you can use your coupon for a different hotel. Or you can cancel your reservation and keep your coupons.

    3. Make sure you cancel your original booking within there cancellation policy to avoid 1 night charge for no show.

    I have 3 Expedia account where I can accumulate up to 9 $50 per month. I have been using this without any problem for my MRs. These $50 coupons become handy if you are not into hotel programs.

    Here is a starter:

    Hotel(City): Aqua Aloha Surf Hotel (Honolulu)
    Date: 4/20-4/21
    Expedia: $69.00
    Orbitz: $68.99
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    April 2010 EPG Opportunity

    Hotel Name: Phachara Suites Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand
    Expedia: $67
    Orbitz: $54
    Dates: 4/24, 4/25, 4/26
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