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Cancellation policy of some HH awards

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  • Cancellation policy of some HH awards

    Some of you might have seen the thread on the ftalk HH board about non-cancellation of an award ( started by one of the "evangelist" member .. which
    usually means "lots to say of no real importance") regarding the non-cancellation policy involving award stays.

    This is something new.. but with a caveat... what the "evangelist" has quite convienently forgot to mention is that he must have previously modified the award before that stricture was put in place.

    It works like this: HH changed their award structure on Jan 31 2010 and any awards made before the deadline for any date at the previous old level were allowed. In some instances one was able to change the dates of the award ( under the old award stucture) provided the stay was at the same property.
    However the trade-off for getting that reward at the old level was that it became non-cancellable.. oh well.

    Just as well I no longer have Ftalk access as I woudnt be getting into discussion/explantion with that guy anyways.