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Massive change to HHonors redemptions (effective 3/28/2013)

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  • Massive change to HHonors redemptions (effective 3/28/2013)

    Though I'm sure most affected people have either seen the e-mail or the thread (and the related overreaction/illiteracy) on the other site, it is worth noting the HHonors announcement today of adding three new reward categories, along with the change in category levels, that will become effective on March 28:

    The new category listings can be found here:

    Along with these changes, there are now seasonal prices within many of the reward categories, and a published "5th night free" bonus for Silver, Gold, and Diamond VIPs, up to a maximum of four free nights on a consecutive stay of 20 nights.

    As with all previous HHonors changes, rewards booked before March 28 are valid at the current rates.


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    Cannot say I am surprised (disappointed most certainly) but considering the amount of points being put out by credit cards it was bound to happen.
    I read on one board where one guy boated he (and his wife??? ) had currently a whopping 20 new cards, its pretty sickening.

    I suppose if HH made up for all these changes by increasing the amount of points people actually earn staying at their hotels it might not be too bad.

    I do notice also that the award costs for a number of European hotels have actually gone down.